Art for Sale



This is a mission-style table, tiled with glass provided by the amazing Block Island multi-media artist, Cindy Kelly. Perfect for next to a couch or favorite chair, it measures 24.25″ tall. the top is 12″x 12″ wide. the frame is reclaimed beach fence and all grout is sealed. the table itself has been pickled and will accept paint if so desired. $350.00


Italian serving plate reassembled for permanent enjoyment. snow fence frame on rough hewn fir backing. 12″x 12″, private collection.


001 (2)

beach fence framed tiled mosaic. measures 9″x 25″ SOLD

a very fun, I think, mosaic with a camouflaged BLOCK ISLAND.



White mosaic tiled obscured fish tiled on fir plank. pieces off the edges inspired by the great island artist, bill padien


new art and new mexico 002

Yellow dinner plate tile rescued from block island on fir frame.  Trimmed with beach fence from Matunuck Beach. 9.5″x 25″ $300.00

The Chase.  Beautiful yellow and blue plate and raised glass mosaic. doubled layered beach fence frame on fir frame. 9″x 24″ $350.00

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