Videos & Podcasts with The Fish Wrap Writer

Todd Corayer filmed several videos with The Sporting Shoppe in Richmond, Rhode Island. You can view some of our favorites below, or check out The Fish Wrap Writer on YouTube for the full library.  Todd has also appeared on some podcasts as well, including Two Guys On Block Island and a 2019 episode with The Woman Angler.

Two Guys On Block Island with Todd Corayer- The Fish Wrap Writer 

Todd Corayer is an interesting guy. Not only was he Block Island’s first oyster farmer, he’s also a talented writer. He’s parlayed his all around knowledge of fishing into a career. His columns about fishing and other outdoors-y activities have been published far and wide. He’s now in charge of a successful blog dedicated to all things angling called, The Fish Wrap.

Although Todd doesn’t live on Block Island anymore, he spent a childhood filled with adventure and good times here. His grandfather, Leo McAloon, was the island’s funeral director here back in the day and Todd enjoyed some perks from that gig. Namely, cruising around in the funeral parlor’s limousine boozing it up with his buddies.

After a stint on the west coast, Todd returned to Block Island and started the island’s first ever oyster farm. It was a lot of work getting that business going and Todd explains the ups and downs of trying to make a living raising bivalves. His time on the island was filled with friends, fishing and good times hanging out with the Littlefield brothers. He’s also been to a whole bunch of Grateful Dead shows. Turns out he’s a Pigpen guy.