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For twenty years, Todd Corayer has been wrapping words around fish and fishers. He  offers fishing, hunting, and outdoor reports, legislative updates and interviews with amazing and passionate outdoorsmen and women from all over the United States. Do you know someone who loves the outdoors? We would love to meet them and share their story.

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A weekly fishing article is published eight Southern Rhode Island Newspapers and other regional publications. Click to read or search the articles.


See what bait shops and organizations the Fish Wrap Writer supports here in New England, and what gear he knows will help catch fish or stay safe. Some items may surprise you.

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Gathering On A River

A Gathering On A River happens at Whalers Brewery on April 28, 2024, with a host of conservation and fishing folks. Come have a beer with us!

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Lt. Lewis Kitts' Last Alarm
Lt. Lewis Kitts’ Last Alarm

Lt. Lewis Kitts’ Last Alarm

This is Lt. Lewis Kitts' Last Alarm. He has left Jamestown for heaven while friends and family mourn losing such a fine and charitable man. Lew Kitts gave to everyone and took great pride in knowing he helped. He will be missed for years so offer a small tribute to a giant of a man. Calm seas Lew Kitts.

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  Meet Todd Corayer

Celebrating life on the water, pen in hand

Todd Corayer has lived in Rhode Island most of his life and has spent much of that time working, fishing, exploring and writing about its 400-mile coastline. Todd takes just as much pride in protecting the waterways through conservation and advocacy groups, as he does writing about and highlighting so many great outdoorsmen and women. When he’s not fishing or writing about fishing, he’s hanging at home with the family while  plotting his next fishing adventure in Maine. Click to learn more about Todd’s writing history, where you can find his articles and the name of his favorite being, outside of his wife and son.

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Curious where the Fish Wrap Writer shops for tackle? What gear he never leaves home without? Volunteers his time?  Or stays informed on what’s happening with public access and environmental advocacy? Check out the recommendations page for all of his top picks.

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