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Todd Corayer offers fishing, hunting, and outdoor reports for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Printed weekly in Southern Rhode Island Newspapers and posted online here at The Fish Wrap Writer website.

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New in 2022! Catch the Fish Wrap weekly fishing report every Friday morning to learn where the fish are biting, updates on club and regulatory meetings, and a product review here and there.

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A weekly fishing article is published in the Southern Rhode Island Newspapers (8 total) and other regional publications. Click to read or search the articles.


Fishing Reports

Listen every Friday as we provide the week’s most pertinent info on where the fish are biting. 


See what bait shops and organizations the Fish Wrap Writer supports here in New England, and what gear he’s never on the water without. Some items may surprise you.

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ASGA Delivers Amendment 7 For Striped Bass

The American Saltwater Guides Association took the regulatory tiger by the tail to protect striped bass. According to Peter Jenkins, they're just getting started because they know, fish are worth more in the water than in a cooler.

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Top Five Spring Striper Lures

Top Five Spring Striper Lures

Ain't it cool? Striped bass came into South County like rockets then left us like college girlfriends to find mates up north near the Providence River and points east. Buty they are slowly filling in our shorelines so now's the time to stock up on the best lures to call them, catch them and release them. Andiamo!

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Get Right With Fish
Get Tight With Spring Fish

Get Tight With Spring Fish

It's time to get tight with Spring fish because just like that, we are surrounded by stripers, squid, tautog and all the while, largemouth bass are making their beds while the smallie bite just better. Tune into our weekly Fish Wrap Fishing Report each Friday on Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.

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How Do You Value Opening Day?

How Do You Value Opening Day?

How Do You Value Opening Day? Is this day for fishing stocked ponds, stringers and bacon? Is it for an overdue hour on a rolling river with the hopes of possibly finding some wild brookies? Or is it a wash because you just want to fish for something? There is great value in everything so we ask, what do you value the most?

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Meet Todd Corayer

Celebrating life on the water, pen in hand

Todd Corayer has lived in Rhode Island most of his life and has spent much of that time working, fishing, exploring and writing about the 400-mile coastline. Todd takes just as much pride in protecting the waterways through conservation and advocacy groups, as he does writing about and highlighting many of the great fishermen of Rhode Island. When he’s not fishing or writing about fishing, he’s hanging at home with the family (and mentally plotting the next fishing adventure.) Click to learn more about Todd’s writing history, where you can find his articles and the name of his favorite being,outside of his wife and son.

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Curious where the Fish Wrap Writer shops for tackle? What gear he never leaves home without? Volunteers his time?  Or stays informed on what’s happening with public access and environmental advocacy? Check out the recommendations page for all of his top picks.

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