Videos & Podcasts with The Fish Wrap Writer

While Todd Corayer spends most of his time writing (when he’s not fishing, of course!), he is also available for media appearances. Todd has appeared in product review videos, a variety of podcasts based in New England, and also does in-person speaking engagements. 

Podcast Appearances

Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast 

Fish Nerds fishing podcast is for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more, and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing, and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting, and Mostly True!

Today we learn about how- Daffodils equals Walleye Spawn - We Join Cigar Gu Steve Saka on the ice - Doc Martin talks with Dr. Shiffman on Why Sharks Matter - We learn about Cinder Worms with Todd Corayer- Jeff Danaldson is back woth Culinary Field Care of Fish.

This week John and Clay talk about all kinds of fishy fun! John's family talk fish cookery! Rosie’s Tackle Shop introducing new correspondent Todd Corayer We talk bobbers and muskie

Two Guys On Block Island

Although Todd doesn’t live on Block Island anymore, he spent a childhood filled with adventure and good times here. His grandfather, Leo McAloon, was the island’s funeral director here back in the day.

After a stint on the west coast, Todd returned to Block Island and started the island’s first-ever oyster farm. It was a lot of work getting that business going and Todd explains the ups and downs of trying to make a living raising bivalves. His time on the island was filled with friends, fishing, and good times hanging out with the Littlefield brothers. He’s also been to a whole bunch of Grateful Dead shows. Turns out he’s a Pigpen guy.

The Women Angler & Adventurer 

You’re really going to enjoy this episode featuring one of our guides for the Striper Fishing Clinic, Todd Corayer a.k.a. The Fish Wrap Writer. Todd knows his stuff when it comes to striper fishing and it was an absolute pleasure to speak with him about these beasts of the Atlantic!

Listen in and get your blood pumping! It’s about to get REEL!

Appearance Requests

Would you like Todd to appear on your podcast, film a product review video, or perform a reading at a school, festival, or other? That’s incredible – he may just be interested too!

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Video Appearances