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In fuzzy world of printed newspapers and this new interweb thing, frequently there’s a delay between when words are bound and when they go digital.

That said, the following may seem a bit dated in our instant everything world but Gabe Littlefield’s story is important and if even just one more person donates to the cause, then some two week delay matters not.

Gabe’s totally got this.


A few weeks back we introduced you to a sweet young man who’s fighting the good fight against a pain in his bones.

Gabe Littlefield’s family and friends rallied like you read about a few Sunday’s past to raise crucial treatment funds.

It’s a miracle, really.

Everyone’s busy, everyone’s trying to get on the water but when a member of our community raises the Victor flag, so many people just stop, refocus from their own realities and help.

Image result for victor flag

The fundraiser for Gabe at the Portuguese American Club in Portsmouth, which donated the room, was packed; by some estimates, six or seven hundred people passed through the doors.

There were silent auctions for kayaks, Celtics tickets, cool accessories from 401 Motorsports, rods, reels, hats, fishing gear, charter trips from Coastal Charters Sportfishing, Castaway Charters, City by the Sea Charters and more, fish finders, Red Sox and Kenny Chesney tickets but possibly best of all if you’re Gabe, a year’s supply of Amy’s brownies. Seems Gabe has an affinity for his neighbors brownies so Amy offered a pile of samples for a lucky bidder and a monthly plateful for Gabe.

Image result for rice krispiesApparently Gabe’s father, Mike, is slightly more smitten with her Rice Krispy Treats so he’s being taken care of as well.

Guy Clark, whose words threaded throughout Gabe’s prior story, also sang, There’s only two things money can’t buy. True love and homegrown tomatoes.” (You should totally watch that video link)

We may need to add Amy’s brownies to that short list.

One supporter noted that approximately sixty thousand dollars worth of products were donated and I’d say that was with an equal amount of love.

How magical to see the bright side of so many good people.

Ralph Craft, owner of Crafty One Customs Fishing Rods got the ball rolling but without taking any credit for the day’s success, quickly he first mentioned the lawyers, accountants and web designers who worked, and continue to work for free to help Gabe. Don’t let the news fool ya’, this is an amazing country but the work isn’t done yet and your support for remains very much needed.

We all know cancer sucks Gabe but when you battle it with this big of an army behind you, yeah you know you so got this.

“Anyone looking to get into some big bass from shore should be following the striped bass 101 basics.”

chriscabralstriper - Edited

Wise words from South County surf caster Christopher John Cabral.

This guy puts in his time, catches fish, seems to have people following him to see where’s he’s casting and what’s more, is happy to offer some counsel.

After yet another summer of big stripers clinging to the shallows of Southwest ledge, it seems that finally a decent shot have moved north onto all that greasy bait along the shorelines.

Time also has proven the effectiveness of green needle fish before the sun settles and then it’s time go deep and mimic peanut bunker. Chris knows you need to “match the hatch” as fly fishermen proclaim and while old timers will hang their hats on bottle plugs for just the right amount of splash with some flash, Chris will tell you it’s the six inch black and chrome Yo-Zuri swimbait that performs the best. “Just like the notorious Daiwa SP Minnow, the action of the Yo-Zuri is tight and presents a perfect movement whilst offering a step up in the grade department for hardware,” he said.

Image result for green needlefish lure

Split rings and hooks are often upgraded on lures big on body but small on parts.

Kayak fisherman Jimmy Chappel once showed a VMC 3/0 4X that bent under a ton of striper lip pressure.

“Any avid bass fisherman will tell you the hardware, split rings and hooks, should always be replaced before even debating a cast with the SP Minnows,” Chris added.

Chris likes ⅞ ounce Hogy Epoxy Jigs in yellow and white as both are tough to beat when the sun is high.

I’ve watched Dave Henault cast from Captain Rene Letourneau’s boat and catch stripers then drop the same jig in the same spot and catch black sea bass.



Peter Jenkins, owner and cast master at The Saltwater Edge, instructs anglers to work three zones to find fish: top, middle, bottom.


That’s Peter on the left. Cool guy.

Those bottle plugs or darters will cover the top, Hogy makes a sweet Pro Tail for tough middle sections and our friend Dave Henault stocks Joe Baggs Lures at his Ocean State Tackle for pulling big ones off the bottom.

These weeks are tight with swirling humidity giving barometers a workout, crazy warm waters and steady swells adding oxygen to the fish equation.

Bonito are everywhere.

Beaches are tight with stripers.

Albies are so damned close. 


Having the right lures and the right people behind you, like Chris, Jimmy, Dave, Rene and Peter, will help us all say,

“yeah, we got this.”

Go Get’em Gabe.



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