Bruins’ Teddy Bear Toss

by | Mar 2, 2023 | 2023 Fishing Season, Charity, Tackle Shops

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Toss A Teddy Bear for Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Bruins Teddy Bear Toss

Ralph Craft is up to more good. Ralph is inviting everyone to a Providence Bruins hockey game for the first-ever Teddy Bear Toss on March 19.  With the P-Bruins staff and the Three Angels Fund, the goal is simple and typical of his style: buy tickets, bring a teddy bear or two, wait for Bruins’ first goal, jump up and toss your bears onto the ice. When the ice is cleared, every bear will be donated to help kids battling pediatric cancer and the Hasbro Children’s Hospital. “I’ve wanted this for years,” Ralph said, “It’s all about positivity every day.”

Ralph lives a bit of double life. During the day, he runs veteran owned Crafty One Customs in Portsmouth, RI where he and his team build custom fishing rods for anglers all over the world. All the while, Ralph and his wife Shannon are working on new ways to help people affected by cancer. If you know him at all, you understand he doesn’t have much time for glossing things over or trying to convince the uninterested. He has a mission plan. There’s a storefront for rods and tackle but his passion for helping is far more subtle. If you have ever benefitted from a conversation or transaction with him, the best way to return the favor is not by doing something for Ralph. Go to the game and Doug Flutie a teddy bear for kids who need some support.

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Support those who fight back against pediatric cancer

“This is near and dear to my heart,” he said. Originating with Canada’s Kamloops Blazers hockey team back in 1993, the idea is to collect as many teddy bears as possible then share some compassion with kids and families. Given the way our world is spinning lately, we could all use a teddy bear most days. “It’s all about the kids,” he said, but this day also is a collective thank you to hundreds of doctors, nurses and medical staff who work so passionately helping children and their families. Respecting families’ privacy, Ralph has ensured many people affected by cancer will enjoy a day of hockey without fanfare. We will cheer and holler for the Bruins while some good people hopefully can turn things off for a few hours and enjoy a game overflowing with positivity. “Anyone who goes will feel good and be happy. No one loses,” he said.

This game was also made possible by the Providence Bruins and Three Angels Fund. Ralph was quick to note how hard the P-Bruins staff worked to make this dream of theirs a reality. As is typical with large scale charity events, there are lots of working parts and many are not meant to be in any spotlight. The logistics of a teddy bear toss are pretty heavy and the Bruins employees deserve much praise for seeing Ralph’s vision. The Fund honors Eileen Bulk, Ann Pine, and Nan Bulk, who all were lost to cancer. The founders realized the best way to support their legacy of caring and loving was to help others fighting cancer now. The fund provides financial and emotional support because cancer is a personal battle best fought with loved ones. Ralph has supported the Fund through other fundraisers like the RI Tog Classic as they assist people on Aquidneck Island and Washington County with grants through their Community Giving Program. They can be reached by emailing

“Be a part of it, try and make a positive memory for people who are having a tough time. Give them some encouragement; we’ll also maybe make Rhode Island and Massachusetts be a little better place,” Ralph said. Bears will be donated to anyone who asks. Police and fire departments, EMT’s, shelters, non-profits, anyone who gives back are welcome to share the bears by contacting Ralph at 401.293.0477.

The Teddy Bear Toss is for everyone

So, please join the Providence Bruins, Crafty One Customs and the Three Angels Fund for a very fun Teddy Bear Toss to raise awareness of pediatric cancer on March 19. The Bruins play the Springfield Thunderbirds at 3:05 pm at the Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence. Tickets can be purchased here and are a bargain at $25 for 100 level seating. $5 of each ticket goes directly to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Don’t wait, this will be a fun and memorable day sending teddy bears and positive energy to kids who need all of that and in the words of Ralph Craft, “It’s going to be epic.”



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