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Mustad Legacy Combos help find the fish

Mustad’s Legacy Combo Series rods and reels

Some of our favorite stories here at Fish Wrap celebrate families fishing outside the screen door; rowing, paddling or steering their way to hours of family fun on fresh and salt waters. Those happy faces in canoes, kayaks and center consoles are what really drives us, especially in this new age of so much low news. So, in a hopefully temporary age of rising food and energy prices, when fishing tackle can slide down the priority list for many families, we are highlighting a new product laser focused on getting parents and kids outside.

Mustad, known for industry-leading hook designs since 1877, has released of their Legacy Combo Series rods and reels. This combination is one of those amazing introductions perfectly timed for three distinct types of anglers: fresh, salt and those who itch for larger species like Northern pike, catfish and salmon. Mustad’s goal is to unite anglers of different ages and skills, help them catch fish, take some cherished photos and not pinch a family budget.

Legacy Combos were released at this year’s ICAST in Orlando, Florida, arguably the industry’s largest Sportfishing tradeshow. At the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, companies build anticipation for new products while highlighting innovations, which is precisely where the Legacy Combos shine. Each Legacy Combo can be enjoyed by young or adult anglers, with two-piece graphite composite rods and reels which are pre-spooled. All of that means solid Mustad quality and savings for the family. You can choose a rod and reel combination or go big with the Team Combo that merges junior and senior sets into a top shelf package that’s ready to fish right out of the tackle store.

Save rod selection time; have more time catching fish

Mustad Legacy Combos Save Money and Time

The Freshwater Legacy Combo for senior anglers starts with a 7’ medium light, moderate action rod paired with a 30-series spinning reel. Junior Freshwater Legacy Combo’s celebrate fishing with a 5’, light power, moderate action rod and a 10-series spinning reel. Both setups will easily handle bass, trout, white or yellow perch and bluegills.

Mustad Legacy Combos for everyone means that each was built for different needs. Knowing summer waters are supplying bait fishes to a variety of saltwater species and with many eyes on the sea, the Saltwater Legacy Combo is built for flounders, bluefish, schoolie stripers, black sea bass, scup, squeteague and more. This system includes a 7’ heavy power, moderate fast action rod paired with a 40-series spinning reel. The youth package positions a 20-series spinning reel on a 6’ medium power, moderate action rod. For those with wide angle catch and release selfies on their summer bucket list, the Big Hit Legacy Combo is built for big fish. The 8’, medium heavy power, moderate fast action rod is perfect for parents hoping to reel in that big Northern while the 6’6”, medium power, moderate action option is meant for younger anglers working to ultimately out fish the rest of us.

Which happens.

That moderate fast action means you get a decent amount of flex in the tip yet enough backbone to pull back on a running fish while the moderate action equates to a bit less flex with more available muscle. That bend starts more toward the middle of the rod and not so much near the tip.

Highest quality at the best prices. Look at that bend!

Freshwater Legacy Series rods have split-grip handles, which are clutch when that rod takes a sudden bend or when you need to cast way over a patch of lily pads. Saltwater and Big Hit rods have long life EVA foam handles which make hauling back easier on the palms. Since every rod and reel combo is pre-spooled with properly matched monofilament, you have so much less to worry over and a bit more time to focus on all those fun fish pictures. What’s more, Legacy Combos are designed with variety-specific colors. Freshwater rods have green highlights, saltwater setups are splashed with blue and the Big Hit’s, well, they go big for red. All that is not simply marketing because when it’s early and your young ones are ready to go and you haven’t enjoyed, or even made, a pot of coffee, those easy colors will help you easily and quickly grab the right combos for the right adventure. That right there is priceless.

Legacy Combo help make memories

And speaking of, two-piece Mustad Combo Series rods and reels start with a MSRP of just $39 or $54 for single youth or adult combos. That’s just a few gallons of gas these days. Ugh. Team Combos, which pair junior and senior combo setups together, start at $89.

For those of you keeping score, Mustad has included LIVE TARGET lures and TUF-Line fishing lines in their family of fishing products which means good things will come from all these combinations. So, save a few dollars, get the right rods for the right people in the right places and check all that off your list. It’s summer, we need to focus on what’s outside the screen door, which might be under Sprague Bridge or sitting on a breachway wall, waiting for tide and big fish.

Miles Corayer catches and releases some Block Island money


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