Fish Wrap And Fish Nerds

by | Aug 9, 2023 | 2023 Fishing Season, Block Island, podcast

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It’s true, Fish Wrap and Fish Nerds are a thing.  We have joined forces with the famous, talented and fishy characters who produce the Fish Nerds Podcast.  Over the years, I recorded a few podcasts with some amazing people, like the ever-gracious Trout Unlimited CEO Chris Wood, but there just never seemed to be enough time to do it right. I hosted a few years of weekly radio and outdoors reports on radio and TV but then COVID put the kybosh on all that so now I am honored to say I’ll be filling a seat, for a while, with John King while host and founder Clay Groves focuses on some New Hampshire fishing.

Fish Wrap And Fish Nerds

The Fish Nerds Podcast is “for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability, the show is usually funny, always interesting and mostly true!” Sounds like a match made in heaven from this desk. The Fish Nerds have interviewed and learned from big names like Dr. Greg Skomal, Angie Scott of The Woman Angler fame, author Mark Usyk, and the really wonderful Rosie of Rosie’s Bait and Tackle.

The Fish Nerds is all about real information, science, laughs and very often a recipe. John King, aka the Crappy Hippy, joins each show from Kansas and is happy to talk about lead-free fishing weights. He’s an avid angler with a sharp wit. Please join almost 2000 subscribers to the Fish Nerds Podcast, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and stay tuned to hear from some very local guests.

Always interesting and mostly true

Fish Wrap And Fish Nerds

Fish Wrap And Fish Nerds

Speaking of local guests, wind farms are being constructed in some very local waters. Ørsted is busy developing their South Fork Wind Farm to the east of Block Island. A series of ships are ferrying gear, employees and observers to various sights in their leased area. According to Ørsted, “The Foundation Installation Vessel Bokalift 2 is in the field installing 13 tower bases in the South Fork Wind Lease Area. Bokalift 2, Lift Boat Jill, Walk to Work Vessels C-Fighter and C-Rambler, and other vessels are installing the offshore substation (OSS) topside at AP06. Bubble Curtain Vessel Union Bear is on site. Please note that the Union Bear will frequently transit to and from the Narragansett Bay but expect that bubble curtain equipment will be deployed on the seabed regardless of vessel presence up to twenty-four hours before and during installation operations. The bubble curtain will be marked with a small float. Several research arrays will be deployed during installation operations.” If some of that is confusing, Ørsted provides twice-weekly updates on their work and areas of vessel traffic. This technology and rapid approval of submerged leases is hinged upon not only our demand for gigawatts but for our participation in the process.

Block Island Wind Farm

Wind-driven energy is in great demand now, but so is the continued use of historical recreational and commercial fishing grounds. This is the time to be in the know, to understand potential impacts and how ownership and communications can change. Ørsted provides these briefings to help us understand and be part of the process. Surely, wind power corporations have great momentum but we can still speak for or against. Visit for more information.

In July, Ørsted was a sponsor of the Block Island Inshore Fishing Tournament, which was a great success, with 122 anglers fishing from boat and shoreline. Twenty-five teams paid entry fees to join the action, resulting in a $6,000 donation to the Block Island Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department.

“The Tournament included shore, fly fishing, youth and boat divisions. Striped bass and bluefish for all divisions plus black sea bass and fluke for boat and youth divisions.  Also, a team prize with photo division prizes taken with the Block Island Wind Farm in background were awarded for best fish, best scenic and best team photos,” said famed outdoor writer, Captain Dave Monti.

Rosie and Captain Dave Monti tying cinder worm patterns

Colin Mansfield won first place in the shore division for both striper and bluefish with a 29” bass and a 33” gator blue. That’s impressive, given how hot the water is around the island. Many spots are holding around 72 which is right about the top of the comfort scale for bass. Those bluefish will attack most anything, even in hot tub-type waters.

“The First Place Team category saw a three way tie between team ‘Tightlined’ led by Taylor Ingraham of Norwalk, CT; team ‘Grateful 5’ of Narragansett including Rick Black as well as Dustin, Flynn, Hayes and Tucker Jansen and team ‘Defiant’ led by Eugene Burger of Cutchogue, NY, who were also awarded the Best Team Photo in the Block Island Wind Farm Area,” said Captain Monti. Always a tough competitor, Capt. Richard Lipchitz lead team “Frayed Knot” with a 48” striped bass. Johnston, RI’s Dariusz Kolodziejczak won the Best Scenic Photo in the Block Island Wind Farm. Fish the island, fish the wind farm, read the reports, and be prepared for more wind turbines in the news and podcasts.

Happy, winning family



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