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Dan Kenney is making a serious name for himself. Dan’s an outdoors promoter  and fish guy who is bringing his next big deal, the Connecticut Outdoors Show, to Mohegan Sun for the first time, which opens up all sorts of possibilities when you consider the location. Kenny has three shows lined up for this winter and he’s done a yeoman’s job bringing in some really big industry names. logo

The Connecticut show will have booths from Diawa, S&S Bucktails’, Al’s Goldfish Lure Company, Remarcable Arms, Fins Braid, StormR and Game On Lures among others. You can renew your subscription to The Fisherman Magazine and pick up brochures from those lodges you’ve always wanted to visit, like Long Lake, Wheaton’s, Lakeside and Long Lake. The idea of taking in some entertainment outside the Expo also adds a certain draw when you’re done filling your shopping bag with goodies.

Jeff DeBuigne of AL’s Goldfish. He and his wife Mandy will be there

Loyal readers will know that I love seeing those outside-the-industry booths, you know, the fudge makers, candy whippers, jam and jelly hawkers and of course, the giant plastic counter stuffed tight with jerky of every variety. There’s no Worm Bar at this show but collectively, they add an important flavor, pun intended, to a show packed with fishing gear and fishermen kicking trailer tires all day. Plus, it’s all part of the fun.

We could all use a few new lures but it makes for a better few hours chewing on something different or bringing home a small gift for our significant other who might not necessarily appreciate another grab bag full of leader material and a free t-shirt with yet another striper and hooker joke on the front.

As for speakers, visitors are in for a treat. DJ Muller and Peter Miller will join big names like Richard Yvon of Maine’s Twin Maples Outdoors, no relation to the iconic Block Island tackle store and surfcaster lodging, and local celebrity, Captain Jerry Sparks.

Captain Jerry Sparks will talk all about Spring striper fishing

Muller is your classic avid surfcaster who has authored, “The Surfcaster’s Guide to the Striper Coast,” “Striper Strategies,” “Striper Tales,” and “Fishing the Cape Cod Canal.” If casting big plugs from the beach is our thing, getting to hear what DJ has to say might just help you tune up your season.  Peter Miller is of Peter Miller Fishing fame and hopefully brings a few nice and warm summer fishing stories for us northern fishermen freezing our reels off up here. Chris Parisi will incorporate some underwater video to show how jigs and green crabs can be used the best when targeting blackfish. Apparently he’s a shallow water, thus light tackle guy so if you love the fight or taste of tautog, this is a seminar must see.

Nick Honachefsky is a Jersey boy who’s caught a lot of fish and helps edit a lot of magazines, like On the Water, Outdoor Life an Guy Harvey Magazine. Based on his credentials, he should have a lot to talk about and to teach other fishermen. That’s one of the best parts about shows like this, you get some real face time with people who can help us be better anglers and outdoors people.

And of course, it’s worth the drive to the Nutmeg State to hear Captain Sparks spin a few tales about shallow water stripers, blue, albies and bonita.


The three day show happens at the Mohegan Sun – Earth Exhibition Center in Uncasville, Ct. Doors open at 1pm on Friday February 15 and the party goes until Sunday at 5 p.m. Parking is free, tickets are just $12 while kids under 12 get in for free. Dan has a third expo slated for March 8 up in New Hampshire with more great speakers. There’s more information on this show at and hopefully I’ll see you there, probably over by Mister B’s Jerky Co booth.

Image result for mohegan sun picture

The Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council is asking for your input on how you see the state of our fisheries. They’re building a five-year strategic plan for 2020 through 2014 and need your help.

Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council

They’ve designed a survey that should take you about 15 minutes to complete. Government can easily seem out of reach to fishermen, or just about anyone for that matter, but it really is true that these types of agencies hinge on public comment and observations. If you have a few minutes to spare, go to and take the survey, which will be available until February 28, 2019. Of course, your responses are anonymous and will be folded into other comments. The science which guides the making of regulations does benefit from what we see out there beyond the lab door so wage in, speak your mind, raise a criticism if you have one or pay the system a compliment.

I’d chew on some hickory smoked venison jerky while you do.

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    Mandy’s takeaway (aside from the props for Al’s gratitude):  CT is known as the nutmeg state??
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