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Fishing for Maine Woods Perspective

There are large and smallmouth bass in the lake of northern Maine but there also are moments to reassess, to pause and remember what's most important, especially in this crazy age. We found a little perspective on a little pond and a small stand of trees.

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2021 Fish Wrap Review

Our 2021 Fish Wrap Review highlights several of the characters and events which made last year so remarkable. Now, cheers to 2022 and fish abundance, more opportunities to hunt, hike and love the outdoors. Sign up for our newsletter and as always, thanks for reading Fish Wrap.

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Colonials Four Leaf Clover

Farewell Colonials Four Leaf Clover

Clover was Brude Leduc's beloved black Labrador retriever. She hunted with Bruce through rain, snow and wind, ever poised to swim through icy waters or dive through heavy brush to bring back the birds. We remember Clover this week as she has left us far too quickly. Bruce Leduc's Labrador, Clover, was a special dog who loved to retrieve, swim hunt and rest by his side. Farewell Colonials Four Leaf Clover.

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