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We're all about trees to help trout, guides to help fish and flies to help a film be absolutely killer. Not a bad winter Fish Wrap week. And you get to meet Peter Jenkins of The Saltwater Edge and the American Saltwater Guides Association.

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RISAA Needs Your Help, Potter Pond Gets Some

Rhode Island's CRMC subcommittee has recommended that Perry Raso's application to expand his shellfish business into a salt pond with a long history of various recreational uses, be denied. The RI Saltwater Anglers are looking for some help with their own subcommittees. RIDEM wants to help you learn to tie flies and our good friend Tom Adams help us understand the benefits of tree saddles for deer hunting .

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Frank & Joyce Daignault: Outdoorsman’s Writers & Teachers

Frank Daignault has published eight books and hundreds of articles about saltwater fishing. But all of his achievements were earned in the company of his wife Joyce. Together they raised a family while fishing and hunting for sport and food. It was an honor to speak with them and learn more of thier story.

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Saving Beaver River Brookies

Protecting Beaver River Brookies

Teaming up to protect Beaver River brook trout There is convincing evidence that Rhode Island Trout Unlimited President, Glenn Place, doesn’t...

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