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ASGA Delivers Amendment 7 For Striped Bass

The American Saltwater Guides Association took the regulatory tiger by the tail to protect striped bass. According to Peter Jenkins, they're just getting started because they know, fish are worth more in the water than in a cooler.

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No Going Around the Block

These are good days to be on the water. We have boat loads of options, locations and friends looking to share gas bills to find stripers, bluefish and mighty tuna. You just might want to be careful where you dip your toes around Narragansett as white and thresher sharks are patrolling in close. Really close.

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Sprengel Splash Walks Stripers

Captain Jack Sprengel of East Coast Charters is finding and catching giant striped bass with the new Shimano Coltsniper Splash Walk top water lure. From the deck of his Everglades 325, he will put you on fish in Narragansett Bay or take you offshore for a dream tip. Fish Wrap has the whole story this week.

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